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  • Attention Magstripe Foreign Travel Card holders : Reloading of Magstripe Foreign Travel Cards will be disabled from 1st December,2013.
  • Get in touch with the Card issuing Branch urgently for availing Chipbased Card in lieu of your existing Magstripe Card and transfer of balance to the new Chip based Card.
  • Ez-PAY CARD/IMPREST CARD now enabled forcash withdrawlsfrom NON SBI ATMs Charges Rs 20/- for each cash withdrawals and Rs 9/-for Balance enquiry.
  • You can place request for personalised gift card though
  • Issuance Charges are waived till 31.03.2014


Presenting Gifts to your loved ones during festive season or on special occasions is an integral and unique culture in India. Traditionally, gifts have been given in the form of cash or kind. The State Bank Gift Card, issued in association with VISA International, is the product which gives the comfort of convenience and wide acceptability and also unlimited options for the beneficiary to choose.

State Bank Gift Card is a Pre-paid Card. It is usable at all VISA enabled Merchant Establishments and POS or e-Commerce transactions. It is a better substitute for Gift Vouchers sold by many retail houses as its use is not restricted to any particular Merchant Establishment/ Point of Sale

State Bank Gift Card is available at all State Bank of India Branches and also available online through SBI Internet Banking website for all SBI customers availing Internet Banking facility.

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Currency of Issue

Indian Rupee only


State Bank Gift Card is not re-loadable

Minimum Amount of Issue

Rs.500 and thereafter in multiples of Rs.1

Maximum Amount of Issue


Balance enquiry

Cardholder can view the balance in the Gift Card and also obtain a transaction receipt indicating the balance from any State Bank Group ATM in India free of cost and also online at

Validity of Card

The validity of the card is for 1 year from the date of issue.

Daily Transaction Limit

Up to the Balance in the Card.
State Bank Gift Cards can be used at VISA enabled Merchant Establishments at PoS or for online e-Com transactions. Facility of cash withdrawal is not available on this card.
The Gift cards are issued as non-Personalized cards. However personalized cards in bulk can also be issued which will take 8-10 days after submitting the details at branches. Online Gift cards are issued as personalized cards.

For complete details, please contact nearest State Bank of India Branch. # Conditions apply.

Applicant KYC: i. Gift cards upto Rs.10000/- no KYC required. Name, Address and Contact details of the applicant to be obtained.
                          ii. Gift cards above Rs.10000/- will be issued to full KYC complied accounts only.
Beneficiary KYC: No KYC documents. Only name, address and contact details of the beneficiaries to be obtained.